Cul Crest

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  My interest in genealogy was sparked after my father's father died and we found a small locked metal box with my grandfather's name on the side. I eventually found a key, opened the box and found what appeared to be a grave receipt with the name 'Uncle Spencer' written on it.

Who was Uncle Spencer? My father didn't know ....... the search had begun.

In September 1984 My wife and I went to St Pancras Cemetery and found the grave




As a result of this increasing interest in the family's genealogy I bought my first computer in about 1988, so that I could record my findings and also arrange them in a way that could be understood. I was learning then, but I am still learning and still researching!

  All genealogists come across bits of information that raise all sorts of questions, often after a relative has died and it is no longer possible to get a direct answer. Talk to your elderly relatives and try and get them to tell you their story; even record some of it as an audio file.

  It appears that my Culbertson family in the mid-1800's came from Sligo in Ireland, but before that, they may have come from Scotland. However you will notice that the drop-down menus at the top of this page show some other Culbertson families that I have come across, but have yet to make a connection with.

  In the United Kingdom, there are a number of centres of Culbertson's. Apart from my very small family in Hampshire, there are and have been for centuries, Culbertson's in Morebattle, in the Borders region of Scotland. There are also a number of Culbertson's in the Newcastle area on N.E. England.

  Historically it is probably correct to say that the Culbertson's came from Scotland, my branch certainly emigrated to Ireland, but others emigrated to America and further afield.